The P-51 Mustang was Americas main fighter of the 1942-1945 period before being replaced by the F-80 and F-86 The Mustangs were made at first for Britain and we're armed with four 20 millimetre cannons and the British having a merlin engine and ultimately out classed the American models witch later having a license built merlin later the Mustang had 4 50 cal mg and then the D model had 6 50 cals. Models British Mustang mk1 Mustang mk2 Mustang mk3 Mustang mk4 American XP-51 YP-51 P-51A P-51B P-51C P-51D F-51D

The Mustang was continued to be used throughout the Korean War before being sold or scrapped the Mustang today is a stunt plane and his still used for sound tests of the 50 cals.

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