World war 2 trainers consist of these Tiger moth T-6 Texan Wirraway Hind Pt-19 At-21 A-33 At-9 Beechcraft model 18 Me-165 Bt-9 Pt-22 Bt-13 Magister Express Master Mohawk Fw-44 Fw-58 Go-145 Ha-125 K10W K11W K4Y K5Y Mxy9 World war 1 trainers Jn-4 G-2 Morane-Saulnier G Morane-Saulnier H Voisin L Gabardini Biplane Gabardini monoplane A Vlaicu 3 M-15 S-12 Dh-6 23 class airship Avro 500E Afro 405 T.b.8 S.2A Boxkite Coanda monoplanes Flanders b.2 Handly page G Grahame White type XV Nt2b Baby cornvert Be8 Pb9 S.38 S.57 S.60 Type 81 Sociable D.1 Aeromarine 39 Aeromarine 49 Model c Model s Model e Model f Jn-4 Mf Model v T2 H3 H-4-H J S S-4 Ve-7 Training tractor Model r Model c Model g Model k

And they all obviously do the same thing but some will be featured in there own profile because they were also light bombers or fighters.

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